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Reached An Agreement on Tricresyl Phosphate's Cooperation in Russia

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The team of Dalian SINOBIO Co. Ltd. visited their client in Russia at the end of August 2023, who have been cooperating with trixylenyl phosphate product for many years.

The purpose of the visit was to deepen the relationship and explore future cooperation opportunities. During the visit, the team had in-depth discussions , with the customer and shared the latest product information and market dynamics. They also visited end-users to understand their customers' needs for products and services, in order to better meet their expectations.

They also had factories for Tricresyl Phosphate and trixylenyl phosphate clients in Novgorod Volga River, deepening mutual trust and long-term cooperative relationships.

During the visit, the team also reached a long-term cooperation agreement with the client for a period of 3-5 years. This agreement aims to ensure, both parties will continue to maintain a close working relationship , mutual development and progress in the years to come. Through this visit, Dalian SINOBIO Co., Ltd. not only deepened its cooperation with the Russian client, but also promoted the development of friendship between China and Russia.

To show their respect and appreciation to the clients, the team prepared wooden business card boxes for each client. These business card boxes reflected the company's professionalism and demonstrated, how much they valued their clients' cooperation. In addition, they received small gifts such as chocolate wine from the clients, reflecting the deep friendship between the two parties.

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