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Dmdm Hydantoin 55% for shampoo/Cosmetic Preservative Agent CAS 6440-58-0 DMDMH

DMDMH is a chemical, fully known as DMDM Hydantoin. It is a colorless to light yellow liquid that can be used as a preservative, fungicide, and disinfectant. DMDMH primarily protects the quality and stability of products such as cosmetics, personal care products, and detergents by killing microorganisms. It can also be used in the fields of paper, coatings, adhesives, and fibers.
  • CAS 6440-58-0


  • 2933210000

Dimethyloldimethyl hydantoin /  Dmdm Hydantoin / DMDMH  55%

Name:Dimethyloldimethyl hydantoin 55%
CAS: 6440-58-0
Chemical formula: C7H12N2O4
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid

DMDMH is a low cost preservative with high antimicrobial activity used in various cosmetics and personal protection products. It has remarkable effect in inhibiting gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold. Due to its high efficiency at low concentration, DMDMH can be fully compatible with cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers and proteins. A series of experiments have proved that DMDMH has been stable in a long time, wide PH and temperature range. Because it is extremely soluble in water, DMDMH can be used in aqueous solution to facilitate production. Because it is colorless and tasteless, it can be used in various formulations.





Colorless liquid





Free Formaldehyde




Standard Packaging

200KG/Drum, We provide customized package for different quantity.


Advantages of DMDMH:

1.High safety: DMDMH is widely recognized as a safe and effective preservative, with less harm to humans and the environment when used correctly.

2.Strong broad-spectrum: DMDMH can kill a variety of bacteria, yeast, mold, and other microorganisms, providing a broad spectrum of bactericidal and antiseptic effects on different types of products.

3.Not easy to decompose: DMDMH decomposes slowly, which can extend the shelf life of the product and maintain its stability.

4.Low dosage: DMDMH can provide effective corrosion protection in a small dosage, thereby improving product cost effectiveness.

5.Adaptability: DMDMH is suitable for a variety of cosmetics, personal care products, detergents, and other products, such as shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, and detergent.


DMDMH is highly effective in inhibiting the growth of gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria and other bacteria, as well as yeast and mold.

It can be used in daily chemical and personal care products, such as bath gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, skin cream, hand cream, mouthwash, facial cleanser, etc.

Recommend Dosage:

The recommended dosage is 0.1% - 0.3%, the dosage of very effective preservative used for shampoo and shower gel is 0.15 - 0.4%, and the PH range is 3.0 - 8.0,

Recommended operating temperature: < 50 ºC


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