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  • [Industry News] What are the application areas of ethylene glycol?
    What are the application areas of ethylene glycol? 1. Chemical industry 2. Medicine and personal care 3. Coolants and antifreeze 4. Solvents and cleaning agents 5. Cosmetics and beauty industry Read More
  • [Company News] What is the application status of benzalkonium chloride (bkc) ?
    What is the application status of benzalkonium chloride? -Use of benzalkonium chloride for skin and mucosa disinfection -Benzalkonium chloride for surgery and wound disinfection -Benzalkonium chloride for disinfection of articles -Benzalkonium chloride for environmental disinfection Read More
  • [Company News] What Is Propargyl Alcohol?
    Propargyl alcohol, with the chemical formula C3H4(OH)2, is an organic compound. It is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor at room temperature. Propargyl alcohol can be obtained through the hydration reaction of acetylene. Propargyl Alcohol is an important organic compound with a wide range of applications. Its chemical properties are stable, while also possessing hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, making it widely used in many fields. PA can be obtained through synthetic routes or extraction from biomass. In the chemical industry, PA is used as a solvent, catalyst, and raw material for polymerization reactions, and can be used to produce plastics, synthetic rubber, and various organic compounds. In addition, it is widely used in fields such as medicine, pesticides, cosmetics, and coatings. The market demand for propargyl alcohol is constantly increasing both domestically and internationally. Read More
  • [Company News] What is the Biocide Chemistry?
    What is the Biocide Chemistry? Bioicde Chemistry Are Widely Used Of The Preservations In The Paint & Coating, Polymer Emulsion, Construction,Adhesive,Pigment And Mineral Slurry,Ink & Fountain Solution,Textile,Paper, Cooling, Oilfield,Leather,Personal Care Industry Etc. Read More
  • [Company News] What are the benefits of camphor tablets and the application in our daily life?
    Camphor tablets are solid waxy substances derived from the camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) or synthesized chemically, Camphor tablets have a strong, distinctive odor and are known for their aromatic properties. They have been used for various purposes and applications in daily life for many years. Here are some benefits and applications of camphor blocks: 1.Aromatic properties 2.Pest repellent 3.Decongestant 4.Cleaning and disinfecting 5.Muscle pain relief 6.Insect bites and itching Read More
  • [Company News] What Is The Amount of Added Phosphate Ester Products in Conventional Applications?
    What is the amount of added phosphate ester products in conventional applications? A low smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cable material modified with trimethylphenyl phosphate, comprising the following components by weight: 100 parts of polyolefin, 1-5 parts of trimethylphenyl phosphate, 2-8 parts of nano graphene powder, 5-8 parts of ferrocene, and 0.5-1.5 parts of dibutyltin dilaurate. An aviation grade high-pressure fire-resistant fuel and its production method using trimethylphenyl phosphate as the base oil, comprising the following components: trimethylphenyl phosphate T306: di (tert butylphenyl) phenyl phosphate in a weight ratio of 3.5~4.5:1.5~3, and the percentage of other components to the total weight is as follows: epoxy soybean oil octyl ester 0.3-0.5wt%, antioxidant TH-10100.5-0.6wt%, benzotriazole 0.8-1.1wt%, and dimethyl silicone oil 0.4-0.5wt%. Read More

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