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The key funders have more than 20 years experience on the chemical industry.​​​​​​​

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Dalian SINOBIO Chemistry Co.,Ltd was established in 2011 and located in beautiful costal city. We can enjoy convenient transportation by all logistic ways. The key founders have more than 20 years’ experience on the chemical industry.
We are group company who has 2 production sites in China: One is in Jiangxi province which produce biocides series. The plant size is around 68,000m2, it adopts advanced continuous mass production technology and DCS automatic control system.


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Why Choose Us

Competitive pricing and stable supply
Competitive pricing and stable supply
Multilingual sales with  solid chemical product knowledge
Multilingual sales with 
solid chemical product knowledge
Focus on biocides and  water treatment chemicals
Focus on biocides and 
water treatment chemicals
Rigorous attitude towards the cargo label,shipping documents and certificate of analysis
Rigorous attitude towards the cargo label,shipping documents and certificate of analysis
Flexible payment terms
Flexible payment terms (T/T/credit/X-Transfer/online trading and so on)
Timely feedback and  Perfect after-sales system
Timely feedback and 
Perfect after-sales system

Latest News

May 11, 2024

What is Trimercaptotriazine sodium salt(TMT-55)? It is a kind of heavy metal eliminating agent, developed to protect environment and avoid heavy metal pollution in waste water. It can be widely used in following are:Coal-fired power stations,Printed circuit board factory wastewater,Plating and surface finishing wastewater,optical instrument factory wastewater,petrochemical refinery wastewater,mining, mineral processing industry wastewater etc.

April 30, 2024

What’s the role of Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride (DGH)? Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride is Versatile and High-Performance Compound for Multiple Industries. It’s a remarkable chemical compound that offers a wide range of applications and benefits. This compound possesses specific physical properties, including a defined melting point and boiling point, which contribute to its stability and performance in different applications.Versatile Applications with Outstanding Results. From being an outstanding surfactant that enhances the quality of products to acting as a reliable corrosion inhibitor, Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride is the key to achieving superior outcomes. It is widely used in detergents, coatings, and many other industrial fields like air washing systems, industrial recalculating water cooling towers, sewage disposal lagoons and pulp & paper mill systems etc, providing unmatched benefits.

April 19, 2024

How widely is Potassium monopersulfate Compound used in the aquaculture industry? Potassium monopersulfate Compound is widely used in environmental disinfection, drinking water disinfection and feed disinfection in pig, chicken, duck, aquaculture and other aquaculture industries. In aquaculture, potassium bisulfate complex salt can be used to improve water quality, kill bacteria and viruses in water, and avoid fish and shrimp infections. In animal husbandry, Potassium monopersulfate Compound can also be used to disinfect sheds, utensils, etc., to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria, or the Ministry of Agriculture designated to prevent and control African swine fever strong disinfectant.

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