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  • [Industry News] What are the application areas of ethylene glycol?
    What are the application areas of ethylene glycol? 1. Chemical industry 2. Medicine and personal care 3. Coolants and antifreeze 4. Solvents and cleaning agents 5. Cosmetics and beauty industry Read More
  • [Industry News] The Science Behind ATMP: A Leading Water Treatment Agent
    Water treatment is a basic cycle that guarantees the security and virtue of our water sources. With the rising worries about water contamination and its hurtful impacts, the interest for successful water treatment specialists has developed essentially. Read More
  • [Industry News] Corrosion Inhibition Made Easy with ATMP
    Erosion is a main pressing issue for enterprises across different areas, prompting critical monetary misfortunes and wellbeing perils. In any case, there is an answer that makes erosion restraint more straightforward than at any other time. Read More
  • [Industry News] HEDP: The Perfect Cleaning Agent for Metal and Nonmetal Surfaces
    HEDP, otherwise called Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic corrosive, is a profoundly viable cleaning specialist that is broadly utilized for both metal and nonmetal surfaces. Read More
  • [Industry News] Achieving Optimal Performance in Industrial Circulating Cool Water Systems with ATMP
    Modern coursing cool water frameworks assume a vital part in different businesses, guaranteeing the proficient cooling of hardware and apparatus. Read More
  • [Industry News] Protecting Metal Surfaces: ATMP as an Effective Treatment Agent
    Metal surfaces are continually presented to different outside factors that can cause debasement and erosion. To guarantee their life span and keep up with their tasteful allure, viable treatment specialists are fundamental. Read More

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