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What Is The Amount of Added Phosphate Ester Products in Conventional Applications?

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A low smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cable material modified with trimethylphenyl phosphate, comprising the following components by weight: 100 parts of polyolefin, 1-5 parts of trimethylphenyl phosphate, 2-8 parts of nano graphene powder, 5-8 parts of ferrocene, and 0.5-1.5 parts of dibutyltin dilaurate. The cable material is made by mixing, refining, and extrusion granulation. This flame-retardant cable material does not contain halogen elements and does not release toxic gases during combustion, serving the purpose of environmental protection. The oxygen index of the modified cable material can reach 36, UL94 flame retardant level reaches V-0, the maximum flame density does not exceed 50, and the toxicity index does not exceed 2.0. It has low smoke, halogen-free, environmentally friendly, and good flame retardant effect.

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An aviation grade high-pressure fire-resistant fuel and its production method using trimethylphenyl phosphate as the base oil, comprising the following components: trimethylphenyl phosphate T306: di (tert butylphenyl) phenyl phosphate in a weight ratio of 3.5~4.5:1.5~3, and the percentage of other components to the total weight is as follows: epoxy soybean oil octyl ester 0.3-0.5wt%, antioxidant TH-10100.5-0.6wt%, benzotriazole 0.8-1.1wt%, and dimethyl silicone oil 0.4-0.5wt%. The high-pressure fire-resistant oil has the characteristics of low chlorine content, low acid value, high spontaneous ignition point and boiling point, good lubrication, anti-wear, anti-aging, foam resistance, flame resistance and thermal stability.

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Classification of phosphate esters

Phosphoric acid esters, also known as orthophosphoric acid esters (to distinguish them from phosphites), are ester derivatives of phosphoric acid and belong to the class of phosphoric acid derivatives. Phosphoric acid is a ternary acid, so according to the number of different substituent hydrocarbon groups, Chemicalbook can be divided into primary phosphate esters (phosphate monoester, hydrocarbon phosphate), secondary phosphate esters (phosphate di-esters) and tertiary phosphate esters (phosphate triesters).


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