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Boiler Water Treatment Chemical CAS 497-18-7 Chinese Deoxidizer Carbohydrazide Supplier

Carbohydrazide is a colorless crystal with the chemical formula (CH6N4O). It is a nitrogen containing organic compound with a variety of applications. Main uses include cleaning agents, bleaching and oxidizing agents, photo developers, pharmaceutical intermediates, polymer stabilizers, etc.
  • Carbohydrazide CAS 497-18-7


  • 2928000090

Sinobio Carbohydrazide CDH CAS 497-18-7

CAS: 497-18-7

Chemical formula: CH6N4O
Appearance: White to off-white powder

Carbohydrazide  is also called the kappa hydrazine, 1, 3-2 semicarbazide, carbon hydrazide, under normal temperature for white fine short columnar crystals or white crystalline powder, soluble in ethanol and easily soluble in water, dissolve the endothermic, insoluble in alcohol, ether, benzene, since it is hydrazine derivatives, have very strong reducibility, non-toxic, oxime.It has a wide range of uses in industry. It can be used as a deoxidizer for boiler water in the field of water treatment. It is the most advanced material used for deoxygenation of boiler water in the world today.Also used as a component of rocket propellant;And because the hydrogen atom connected with nitrogen atom is easy to be replaced by other groups, in the textile industry, it can also be used as the crosslinking agent of elastic fiber, the catching agent of aldehyde, the antioxidant of carotene and other pigments.In addition, in the soap containing fungicides to add an appropriate amount of carbonyl hydrazine can play a role in preventing discoloration and rancor.As chemical raw materials and chemical intermediates, widely used in medicine, herbicide, plant growth regulator, dye and other industries.

Carbohydrazide is a strong oxidant that can be used to clean water pipes, boilers, and other equipment to remove dirt and debris. In addition, it is also widely used as a bleaching and oxidizing agent, such as dyes, pulp, rubber, and so on. Carbohydrazide is also one of the developing agents for black and white photographs, which can help develop silver salts in photographs. In the pharmaceutical field, carbazide can be used to prepare antibiotics, fungicides, and other drugs. Finally, carbohydrazide is also used as a polymer stabilizer to prevent or delay premature aging or decomposition of polymers.







White Crystal Powder


A little Ammonia Odor



Total Volatiles(Loss on drying)


Insoluble in Water


Burning Residues


pH@25℃ in water, C=12%


Turbidity, 12% Water Solution, NTU




















Total Heavy Metal as Pb



Carbohydrazide is a white, slender, short columnar crystal or white crystalline powder at room temperature, difficult to dissolve in ethanol, highly soluble in water, endothermic in dissolution, insoluble in alcohol, ether, and benzene. Due to its strong reducibility and non-toxicity, it can replace hydrated hydrazine and oxime.

It has a wide range of applications in industry and can be used as a deoxidizer for boiler water in the field of water treatment. It is the most advanced material used for deoxygenation of boiler water in the world today, with low toxicity, high melting point, and deoxygenation efficiency much higher than the materials currently used. It is an ideal safety and environmental protection product; It can also be used as a component of rocket propellant; Due to the fact that the hydrogen atom connected to the nitrogen atom is easily replaced by other functional groups, it can also be used as a crosslinking agent for elastic fibers, a capture agent for formaldehyde, and an antioxidant for pigments such as carotene in the textile industry. In addition, adding an appropriate amount of carbazide to soap containing phenolic fungicides can prevent discoloration and rancidity. As a chemical raw material and intermediate, it is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, herbicides, plant growth regulators, dyes, etc. When using boiler deoxidizer as a boiler deoxidizer, carbazide can be added to water or its aqueous solution can be used.

Standard Packaging

Package: 25kg fiber drum, 9mt in one FCL. Quality has been approved by Europe Market.
Delivery time:7-15 working days after receiving your deposit OR according to clients requirement.

Carbohydrazide package

Advantages of Carbohydrazide

1. Excellent cleaning effect: It has a strong oxidation ability, which can effectively remove dirt and debris inside pipes, boilers, and other equipment, with excellent cleaning effect.

2. Excellent safety: It is a colorless crystal with high stability at room temperature, is not volatile, flammable, and explosive, and is relatively safe to use.

3. Can be used in a variety of reactions: It can react flexibly with many chemicals, and can be used to synthesize many chemicals, such as Prussian blue, chloroform, and so on.

4. Can be used in pharmaceutical preparation: It can be used to prepare many pharmaceutical intermediates, such as cephalosporins, paclitaxel, etc., which is helpful in developing new medical treatment schemes.

5. Environmental protection: It does not generate any harmful by-products during use, and has no pollution to the environment, meeting environmental requirements.

6. Good development effect: It can be used as a developer for black and white photos, with excellent development effect.

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