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Leather Fungicide 98% Purity CAS: 6317-18-6 Methylene Bis Thiocyanate Biocides MBT

Methylene Bis Thiocyanate is a light yellow acicular crystalline chemical. Its melting point is 100-104℃, slight soluble in other organic solvents, soluble in water at the degree of 0.4%, and stable under acid conditions, are widely used as water treatment and leather chemicals . MBT is a versatile biocide that is widely used in various industries for microbial control. Its effectiveness against a wide range of microorganisms, low toxicity, and environmental safety make it a popular choice in above field.
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  • 29342000

Sinobio 98% Purity Methylene Bis Thiocyanate Biocides MBT CAS 6317-18-6

Product Name: MBT (Methylene Bis Thiocyanate)
CAS No: 6317-18-6
Purity: 98%
Appearance: White to light yellow powder
Molecular Formula: C3H2N2S2
Molecular Weight: 130.18
Melting Point: 104-106 °C
Boiling Point: 285.2±23.0 °C

Mercaptobenzothiazole is a rubber chemical, an accelerant of vulcanization. It is contained in the "mercapto mix". The most frequent occupational categories are metal industry, homemakers, health services and laboratories, building industries, and shoemakers. It is also used as a corrosion inhibitor in cutting fluids or in releasing fluids used in the pottery industry.

Product Parameters:




Pale yellow free flowing  powder / crystals



Melting Point




Acetone Insolubles


Inorganic salts


PH (0.5% solution)



MBT (Methylene Bis Thiocyanate) is used as bactericide. MBT is an efficient, broad-spectrum Germicide & algaecide & displaying strong extermination effects against Germs, Fungus, and Algae existing in circulating water. 

It maintains long-term effects and is applicable to broad PH value and temperature ranges. Using 3-4ppm MBT kills over 90% of nitrosation germs, sulfate reducing germs, colon bacillus, anti-nitrosation germs and many other types of germs. 

MBT liquid is stable, and it can decompose shortly in application. It has analysis method and is easy for monitoring, so it is safe for discharge.

Standard Package:

20kg carton or 25kg drum, We provide customized package for different quantity.


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