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What is the Biocide Chemistry?

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Bioicde Chemistry Are Widely Used Of The Preservations In The Paint & Coating, Polymer Emulsion, Construction,Adhesive,Pigment And Mineral Slurry,Ink & Fountain Solution,Textile,Paper, Cooling, Oilfield,Leather,Personal Care Industry Etc.

1. What is Preservations?

Preservations is the process that prevent microbial deterioration of materials by which chemical agents and thus prolong the expected lifetime of products.

2. What is the mode of action of biocids?

Depending on the mode of action, two groups of antimicrobial agents can be differentiated:

• Physical Interaction

Membrane-active Agents

– Alcohols

– Phenols

– QACs

– Acids

• Chemical Interaction

Electrophilic Agents

– Aldehyde and aldehyde releaser (e.g. EDDM, TMAD)

– Activated halogen compounds (e.g. CMIT/MIT, Bronopol)







3. What is the Point of Attack Of The Biocides ?

Physical or chemical interaction of the biocide with the microorganisms lead to

– Destruction of cell walls

– Destruction of cell proteins e.g. DNA

– Inactivation of eg enzymes in the cell

Point of Attack Of The Biocides

4. What is the Required features of biocides?

• High efficacy at a broad spectrum of microorganisms

– Bacteria

– Yeasts

– Moulds

• Cost-efficacy

• Easy handling / easy to incorporate

• Stability

• pH-tolerance

• Low toxicity

5. How to select the suitable Active Ingredient






Fast action

Wide spectrum of effect

H317 Labelling (≥1000 ppm)

Strong, pungent smell



Fast action

Good toxicity-profile

No formaldehyde-release

Only active against bacteria

Risk of yellowing

pH-limitation (< 8.0)

Possible formation of nitrosamines in the presence of secondary amines


Very fast action

Wide spectrum of effect

H317-labelling (≥ 15 ppm)

No long term-protection

pH-limitation (< 8.5)


Very stable

Wide pH-range

Low toxicity

H317-labeling (≥ 500 ppm)

Slow speed of action

Weakness vs. yeast/mould

Gap against Pseudomonas


Wide pH-range

Low toxicity / good labeling

Weakness vs. yeast/mould

Slow speed of action

Higher use-levels / costs


Good long term efficacy

H317-labeling (≥ 500 ppm)

Only active against moulds

More Bioicde Chemistry details or info, or need to customize according to your requirement, contact us.

Bronopol package

CMIT 1, 2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one OIT

SINOBIO focus on the biocide industry for around 20 years, both the biocide raw material and formulated biocide can be supplied. For more information, please feel free to contact with us at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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