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Organic Surface Active Agent Biocides Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride DGH 35% CAS No. 13590-97-1

Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride (DGH) - A unique active ingredient. Proven compatibility for water treatment, polymer emulsions and detergents; Broad pH application range (4-12) Chemically stable: No formaldehyde, Within dosage recommendation completely soluble in water.
  • 35%

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  • 3402410000

Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride DGH 35%

Basic Information

Chemical Name Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride CAS No. 13590-97-1
C13H30ClN3 MW: 263.85
EINECS 237-030-0 Structural Formula 微信图片_20230522112118
Color Colorless




1. Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride is used for the control of algae, bacteria, fungi. 

2. Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride is used in a wide range of industrial process waters, air washing systems, industrial recalculating water cooling towers, oil field water systems, oil recovery drilling fluids, sewage disposal lagoons and pulp & paper mill systems.

3. Dodecylguanidine Hydrochloride can also be used for material preservation such as adhesive systems (non­food contact), paints, coatings & stains, pigments, dyes & filler suspensions, polymer dispersions & emulsions,pulp & paper mill processing and food packaging.


Strong against biofilm, sulfate reducing bacteria and Legionella

Non-oxidizing agent

Compatible with chlorine and typical active ingredients in water treatment

DGH has a double mode of action. It breaks up the biofilm and kills isolated bacteria by membrane disruption.


1.  Everyday biocide

    DGH can be used as regular biocide to effectively control microbial growth

    Comparable treatment costs to CMIT/MIT

    Can be combined with other biocide for increased efficacy spectrum

2.  Specialty biocide

    Use as add-on to your regular biocidal program, e.g. for

    Highly contaminated systems

    Weekly system clean-up


                                    Items                  Standards
Appearance Colorless liquid
Content ≥35%
Water ≤65%
pH value (1% Aqueous ) 3-5


25kg plastic drum packing, 250kg Iron drum packing;


Non-Hazardous chemicals

Recommended shelf life

1 year

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