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Plasticizer Flame Retardant Additives Low Acid Value Colorless Liquid 230KG Steel Barrel Cas 1330-78-5 Tricresyl Phosphate TCP TXP

Tricresyl Phosphate can be used as a plasticizer for vinyl resins, cellulose resins, natural and synthetic rubbers,as well as flame retardant and plasticizer for PVC conveyor belts, artificial leather, and flooring materials.This product has low volatility, good water resistance, and flame retardancy. It can also be used as a flame resistant turbine oil.It has good flame resistance, good thermal oxidation safety, and good lubrication performance. It is an extreme pressure and wear resistant additive and thickener for lubricating oils.
  • TCP 99%


  • 2919900090

Sinobio Tricresyl Phosphate TCP

CAS No. : 1330-78-5

Molecular weight : 368

Molecular formula : C21H21PO4

TCP mainly has the following aspects:

1.It is a flame retardant plasticizer that is compatible with many cellulose resins, vinyl resins, polystyrene, and synthetic rubber, especially with polyvinyl chloride, improving compatibility with resins. It has good compatibility, flame retardancy, mold resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, and electrical properties. When used in paint, it can increase the flexibility of the paint film. It is used as a plasticizer in synthetic rubber and adhesive fibers.

2. Used as a flame retardant plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride products such as cable materials, synthetic leather, conveyor belts, sheets, flooring materials, etc. Used as a flame retardant solvent for chloroprene rubber and adhesive fibers, waterproofing agents and lubricants.

无色透明液体 (73) 无色透明液体 (49) 无色透明液体 (65)

Specification :

Description Transparent homogeneous liquid
Acid content ≤0.1 or as per customer request ≤0.04
Flash point ≥230℃
Heating reduction ≤0.1
Specific gravity ≤1.18
Color ≤80
Free phenol,ppm ≤1000
Water,% ≤0.10

Tricresyl Phosphate Uses:

Tricresyl Phosphate is a colorless, odorless liquid that is a mixture of three different isomers. It is used as an additive in lubricating oils and a plasticizer, and as a fire retardant.


200-230KG/Barrel or as per customer request;Shelf life of one year

TXP产品图片1_533_533 1 4.15装箱照2_1267_1267

Hazardous Material Information:

UN number

ADR/RID: 2574 IMDG: 2574 IATA: 2574

Transport hazard class(es)

ADR/RID: 6.1 IMDG: 6.1 IATA: 6.1

Packaging group


Environmental hazards

ADR/RID: yes IMDG Marine pollutant: yes IATA: no

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