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Propylene Carbonate 99.99% CAS 108-32-7 Battery Grade Industry Grade PC Propylene Carbonate

Dipropylene glycol is the most ideal solvent for many essence and cosmetics. This raw material has good water, oil and hydrocarbon co solubility, and has a slight smell, little skin irritation and low toxicity. The distribution of isomers is uniform, and the quality is excellent; Some specific product application fields include: perfume, curling liquid, skin cleanser, deodorant, face and hand and body skin care products; Dipropylene glycol is also used in the production of unsaturated resin and saturated resin. The product has long-term yellowing resistance. Used as cellulose acetate; Nitrocellulos'e; Shellac varnish; Solvent for castor oil. It can also be used to make plasticizers, fumigants, synthetic detergents, etc.
  • CAS 108-32-7


  • 203-572-1


AppearanceColorless to light yellow transparent liquidPass
Propylene glycol content≤0.05%0.035%

Standard packaging



In the electronic industry, it can be used as an excellent medium for high-energy batteries and capacitors. In the polymer industry, it can be used as a solvent and plasticizer for polymers. A plasticizer used as an adhesive and sealant. It can also be used as a curing accelerator for phenolic resin and a dispersant for water-soluble adhesive pigments and fillers. The chemical industry is the main raw material for the synthesis of Dimethyl carbonate, which can also be used to remove carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from natural gas and petroleum pyrolysis gas.

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