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Fungicide DCOIT 20% 10% Biocide 4, 5-Dichloro-2-Octyl-Isothiazolone for Coating Preservatives CAS 64359-81-5 DCOIT 98%

DCOIT is an organic compound,It is mainly added as a preservative in materials such as coatings, adhesives, polymers, and plastics to inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and algae, and extend the life of products. DCOIT is widely used in outdoor building materials and coatings due to its resistance to hydrolysis and ultraviolet radiation.
  • DCOIT 64359-81-5


  • 2934100090

Dcoit 4, 5-Dichloro-N-Octyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-One/CAS No 64359-81-5

CAS No.: 64359-81-5

Formula: C11h17cl2nos

EINECS: 264-843-8

Variety: Biocides

Feature: Stocked, Disposable

Usage: Organic Chemical Material

DCOIT is used as a broad spectrum biocide. It is used in paints especially marine coatings, decorative wood coatings and plastic industry. It is used primarily as a dry-film mildew protector for paint, coatings, paper, stains, plastics, wood, shoes, adhesives, metalworking fluids and printing inks. It is easily incorporated into water-based or solvent-based formulations.

Product Parameters




Light yellow to white powder



Melting point


Color (in 10% methanol, APHA)


The Advantages of DCOIT

1. High efficiency: DCOIT is a broad-spectrum preservative that has a killing effect on a variety of bacteria, molds, algae, and other microorganisms.

2. Good stability: DCOIT can resist hydrolysis and ultraviolet radiation, so it is widely used in outdoor building materials and coatings.

3. Extending the service life of the product: DCOIT's anti-corrosion function can extend the service life of the product.

4. Improve product quality: Because DCOIT can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, it can maintain the original performance and quality of the product, effectively avoiding deterioration caused by microbial growth.

5. Compatible with other chemicals: DCOIT can be compatible with other chemicals, such as various polymers, resins, etc.

Scope of application

Antibacterial agent, preservative, can effectively kill cyanobacteria, basidiomycetes, black yeast, Fusarium, Curvus sp.

Application Environment

1. Use carrier: diisodecyl phthalate (DIDP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC);
2. General solvent: Glycole or Alcohol derivatives, Xylene;
3. Stable in marine paints;
4. The latest slow release technology, broad-spectrum and efficient killing bacteria, fungi, algae and other marine organisms;
5. Provides long-lasting protection that matches or exceeds TBTO results;
6. Does not contain heavy metals. When released into the environment, DCOIT will quickly penetrate into the sediment and decompose, so it will not accumulate in marine organisms;

7. Stable under strong UV and acid rain conditions;

Packaging & Shipping

Package: 25kg/barrel
Delivery time:7-15 working days after receiving your deposit OR according to clients requirement.

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