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Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride HPMA 50% Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors CAS 26099-09-2

(Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride), HPMA is a 50% aqueous solution of Poly Maleic Acid. It is a very effective Calcium Carbonate anti-scalant for use in industrial water treatment programs. This product affected by oxidizing biocides, is particularly useful in hard water environments, and maintains excellent thermal stability in high temperature applications
Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA) is a water-soluble polymer that is used in various industrial applications, including water treatment, oil and gas production, and cooling water systems. Here are some more details about HPMA:

Water treatment: HPMA is effective in preventing scale formation and corrosion in water treatment systems. It can be used in combination with other chemicals to improve the performance of water treatment processes.

Oil and gas production: HPMA is used in oil and gas production to inhibit scale formation and corrosion in production equipment, pipelines, and injection wells. It is particularly effective in high-temperature and high-pressure environments.

Cooling water systems: HPMA is used in cooling water systems to prevent scale formation and corrosion on heat exchange surfaces. It can also help to improve the efficiency of these systems by reducing energy consumption.

Hydrolysis: HPMA is produced by the hydrolysis of polymaleic anhydride, which results in a water-soluble polymer. The hydrolysis process can be controlled to produce polymers with different molecular weights and properties.

Environmental safety: HPMA is considered to be relatively safe for the environment compared to other water treatment chemicals. It has a low toxicity and is biodegradable, which means that it can break down into harmless substances over time.

Usage: HPMA is available in various concentrations, including a 50% aqueous solution of poly maleic acid. The concentration and usage of HPMA can vary depending on the specific application and regulatory requirements.
  • HPMA 50%


  • 291619

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors  CAS  26099-09-2 Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride HPMA 50%



Yellow Transparent Liquid

Solids Content, %

48 - 52%

pH (1% solution)

2.0 - 3.0

Specific Gravity @ 25°C

1.18 - 1.24

Free Content (as Maleic Acid), %

3.5% max

Boiling Point Range, °C

100 - 102°C

Freezing Point, °C

-5 to - 12°C

Standard Package:

250kg drum or 1250kg IBC tank.


Due to its good scale inhibition and high temperature tolerance properties, HPMA 50% is widely used in desalination plant of flash vaporization equipment, low pressure boiler, steam locomotive, crude oil evaporation, petroleum pipeline, and industrial circulating cool water systems.

HPMA 50% can also used as additives for cement.

HPMA 50% is usually used together with organic phosphonate at dosage of 1-15ppm for circulating cool water system, oilfield fill water, crude oil dewatering and low-pressure boilers.

HPMA 50% has good scale inhibition (98%) and scale stripping properties. When used together with zinc salts, it can effectively inhibit carbon steel corrosion.

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