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Industrial Bactericide for Oil Fields Iron Drum 230 kg/drum Cas 111-30-8 Glutaraldehyde

It is widely used as a moisture absorbent, antifreeze, lubricant, and solvent in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. In the food industry, 1,2-propanediol is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent, softener, and excipient in the manufacture of various ointments and ointments. Due to its good solubility with various spices, it is also used as a solvent and softener in cosmetics. The aqueous solution of 1,2-propanediol is an effective antifreeze.
  • Glutaraldehyde 50%


  • 2912190090

Sinobio Glutaraldehyde without formaldehyde

CAS No. : 111-30-8

Molecular weight : 100.1158

Molecular formula : C5H8O2

Alias: GLUTARDIALDEHYDE SOLUTION 25% FOR ELECTR;PENTANDIAL; Glutaraldehyde 25% solution in water; Glutaraldehyde 50% solution in water; Glutaraldehyde 8% solution in water ; GLUTARICDIALDEHYDE, 50%INWATER; solution; Glutaraldehybe Soution

As broad-spectrum antimicrobial cold sterilant/disinfectant for hospital equipment; as tanning agent for leather; as tissue fixative; as cross-linking agent for proteins; as preservative in cosmetics; as therapeutic agent for warts, hyperhidrosis, and dermal mycotic infections; in X ray processing solutions and film emulsion; as a disinfectant in the beauty industry.

Product Description:

1.Glutaraldehyde is colorless or yellowish clear and bright liquid with slight irritating smell, and can be dissolved in organic dissolvent such as water, ether and ethanol.

2.In water solution, Glutaraldehyde doesn't exist much in free state; instead, Glutaraldehyde makes appearance as hydrates with different forms, and most of them are hydrates with annular structure.

3.Glutaraldehyde is reactive in property, and liable to polymerize and oxidize, which will react with compounds containing active oxygen and nitrogen. The reaction of the product with protein is mainly carried out between the carbonyl group of the former and the amino group of the latter. Among the known aldehydes, the product is one of the best cross-linking agents for proteins.

4.Glutaraldehyde has a small influence on the activity of enzyme, and most of enzymes can be fixed under controlled condition, to cross link without losing their activity.Contributing to its outstanding characteristics, the product has drawn special concern from people and been put at broad application.

Technical data sheet:

Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Formaldehyde Detectable
Chroma Hazen ≤50
Density 1.100-1.115 g/ml
PH 3.1-4.5
Methanol ≤5


Glutaraldehyde is a kind of fungicide, tanning agent , widely used :

*Cold disinfectant in the health care industry.
*Hardener in x-ray film processing.
*Water treatment.
*Oil field industry
*Biocide in the pulp and paper industry.
*Cleaning agent.
*Biocide in the petroleum industry.
*Animal health industry.

Glutaraldehyde is bactericide tanning agent, widely used in petroleum development, leather treatment, food, plastics, coatings paints, adhesives, fuels, spices, textiles, printing, photography and other industries etc.Also, it can be used as a microscopic examination of the fixing agent, wood preservatives, drugs and polymer synthesis of raw materials.


220KG/Barrel;4 barrels per pallet;17,600KG per container with pallet

1100KG/IBC(Cube) 22,000KG per container without pallet

or as per customer request;Shelf life of one year

1700554935041_副本  1700554961360_副本

Hazardous Material Information:

DOT Classification:

CLASS 8+6.1: Corrosive substances

Identification: : CORROSIVE LIQUID, ACIDIC, ORGANIC, N.O.S. (Glutaraldehyde solution) 

UN 2922 8+6.1/PG 2

Special Provisions for Transport: Not available


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