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Sinobio Bp Grade Bnpd 2-Bromo-2-Nitro-1, 3-Propanediol Bronopol CAS 52-51-7

Bronopol is colorless or yellowish brown crystal. m.p.130ºC, vapor pressure 1.68×10-3Pa. Soluble in ac etone, 2-methoxyethanol, tol uene and other organic solvents, 22ºC water solubility of 250g/L. The purity of industrial products is higher than 90%, with slight hygroscopicity.
Bronopol used in water treatment, medicine, pesticides, cosmetics, detergent and other industries as preservatives and sterilizers.
  • Bronopol 99%


Bronopol / BNPD / 2-Bromo-2-Nitro-1, 3-Propanediol

CAS: 52-51-7
EINECS: 200-143-0

UN Number: 3241 / 4.1 class
Molecular weight:199.99

Structural Formula: 



BRONOPOL is effective against a broad array of organisms as determined by agar dilution. The minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) listed below illustrate its effectiveness. These data are intended only as an indication of the broad spectrum of activity of BRONOPOL and should not be interpreted as having relevance to the effectiveness or dosage against specific microorganisms in formulated products.


Item  Standard 

White or almost white crystalline powder

Assay 99% min
Water ≤0.5%
Acidity 1% W/V PH 5-7
Melting Point  125-132℃


1.Pulp and Paper

BRONOPOL may be used for the control of slime- forming bacteria in paper mill process water and bulk pulp. It can be added into the hydropulper, machine chest or stock check. The correct dose of active ingredient for these applications is 10-250 ppm BRONOPOL in paper mill process water and 50-250 ppm BRONOPOL in bulk pulp.

2.Water Treatment
BRONOPOL may be used to control slime-forming bacteria in recirculating water cooling towers, evaporative condensers, industrial process water, and air scrubber, air conditioner and humidifier systems. BRONOPOL may be dosed directly into the sump or basin at any point where there is adequate agitation to ensure dissolution. The correct dose range of active ingredient is 25-100 ppm BRONOPOL.

3.Oil Production
BRONOPOL may be used to control aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, especially sulfate-reducing bacteria, in oil and gas-related production Bronpol may be dosed at any convenient point in the process. The dose rate for oil flooding/injection waters, enhanced oil recovery fluids, produced water, drilling fluids, fracturing fluids and workover and completion fluids is 50-100 ppm BRONOPOL. The dose rate of active ingredient for well squeeze fluids and fracturing fluids is 25-200 ppm.

4.Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage
BRONOPOL may be used to control aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that contribute to corrosion in pipeline maintenance and water bottoms in oil or transportation tanks. The dose range for water bottom in oil or transportation tanks is 50-100 ppm in the aqueous phase. For pipeline maintenance the dose range is 25-200 ppm.

Package and Storage:

Bronopol powder : 25 kg drum,  16 MT / 20 GP with pallet,  18 MT  / 20 GP without pallet

                               500 kg / JUMBO bag,  20 MT / 20 GP with pallet

                               customers' requirement.

Storage for one year in shady room and dry place.

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